Kegel Intensive Road Show

Kegel is once again sending its coaches to Indiana! The Indiana Road Show has become a staple in our annual schedule of bringing the magic of the KTC to you! Learn about lane play, physical game techniques, and lane breakdown with a combination of on-lane instruction and classroom-style learning. Every player will receive 1-on-1 analysis of their game and a personalized  development plan.

This isn’t limited to just players – coaches can spend the day shadowing some of the top coaches in the world. Learn the problem-solving techniques used to make players better faster.

Price: $595
Coach Price: $200 per day

Each person receives

  • Kegel Workbook
  • Revive Ball Cleaner
  • Microfiber Towel
  • KTC Shirt

To sign up call 863.734.0200
Details and Info:


Jun 24 - 26


All Day
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